Writing My Jewelry ‘Magnum Opus’: Day 1

Hello from lockdown here in Southern California.  I’m home with the two kids, our cat and my husband.  I’m DESPERATE for a break from my daily life.  It seems like a good time to get back to blogging.  At least I’ll keep myself amused ; )

I made the decision that I am going to write my book about jewelry.  I’ve been thinking about this, talking about it, debating it, dreaming about it.  It needs to happen.

The focus is going to be on how to HAVE FUN with jewelry.  I know that sounds like, duh, of course it’s fun.  But it seems like a lot of the jewelry books that I own (and there are plenty) take a more ‘art history’ approach to jewelry.  That is to say, they tend to feature beautiful still-life photographs of stunning pieces of rare, expensive jewelry.  And while I enjoy this genre, what I’m looking for right now (especially while in the Coronavirus doldrums) is something more playful that can inspire me to be more creative in my daily look.  At least for those days when I’m on Zoom calls. Because HELLO, no one can see your outfit when you’re on a virtual call.  So now is the time to get out there with our best jewelry pieces to frame the face and add some flair, right?

So, in thinking about writing a book, I decided that it made sense to lay it out here, on the blog, first.  I mean, across a series of many posts, of course.  So here we go!



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