wood floors: the weight of neglect

It’s a warm, sunny Sunday in Paris.  What am I doing, you ask?  Quite frankly, sanding the bedroom floor.  
BEFORE, Paint-splattered, water-stained and full of splinters:
Our old, Parisian apartment has incredible features; the floors are not among them.  The floor in the entry, hallway, living room and bedroom are wood.  The hallway and bedroom were carpeted but we’ve ripped up the carpet in the bedroom because we prefer wood (and the carpet attractive, was stained in parts).
We rent, not own, the apartment, so we’re not going to replace the floor or pay for costly refinishing, which is what it really needs.  Sadly, our landlord isn’t interested in caring for the floors.  And from the looks of it, never has.  So we decided that we’re going to take matters into our own hands (literally) and DIY-it.  So with made-for-wood sandpaper, I went to work.
Here’s Stage 1.  The parts without white paint and water spots are where I’ve sanded.  After only 10 minutes I’m making progress!
And finally, about half-an-hour later, here is that entire section after being sanded:
Not bad, right?  It’s no marvel, but at least the paint splatters are gone!
Ok, that’s all for a Sunday evening.
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