The Show Must Go On

{In the doghouse?}

If it were covered in diamonds, rubies and emeralds, my answer to that question is a definitive YES.  This piece is great because it’s a *CONVERSATION SPARKLER*, which is especially wonderful now that so much of our social interaction is online.  If this fun little vintage Dog House bauble is for you, it can be found at Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry ($2,950), one of the several jewelers at this year’s San Francisco Fall Show.  Since this year’s show is being held exclusively online, there’s no excuse for checking it out!

The 2020 SF Fall Show kicks off TODAY, Friday, October 16, so my birthday isn’t the only big event that day.  (Yes, it’s true, my birthday is also today.  All hail Libras!)  The show, which features art, antiques and design, lasts longer, though, running until Sunday, October 25.


{Fancy one of these slithering ’round your neck?}

Anyone who knows me knows I have a penchant for wearing animal motifs, and I would be delighted to don either of the above, [left] a 14k gold Victorian (1837-1901) brilliant blue enamel and opal snake necklace from Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry, $5,650 or [right] a one-of-a-kind 18k gold c1960s Swiss Modern Dragon Necklace by Nussberger from Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelers, $48,000.  Which would you rather wear?  A snake or a dragon?  Or both?  Oooohhhhh…fun!

{Déco, indeed}

Moving on to a completely different genre, it’s Art Deco!  Another fave of mine.  Every time I see jewelry from this era, I’m transported to New York City, and I’m staring up at the magnificent Chrysler Building.  I can imagine lilting up Park Avenue with shingled hair, wearing a gorgeous champagne silk dress, sparkly heels and a gorgeous bauble or two on my fingers.  Either of these two splendid examples would work well in my dreamt-up scenario.  The first piece [left] is a vintage-inspired platinum and diamond ring featuring a 2.41 carat oval diamond crafted to look like a bow. Look at the cut of those tapered baguettes.  Simply dreamy.  $17,750.  The second piece [right] is a 1930s 10k gold and onyx beauty with a platinum-set diamond.  It makes me giddy to think of the stories it could tell!  $795.  Both are available from Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry.

And just a note for other antique and vintage jewelry nerds like me, the Lang Antiques website is a treasure trove of information on jewelry through the ages – trends, makers’ marks, gem identification, famous jewelers, and more.  It’s aptly named Antique Jewelry University.

{mon armour}

And as a finale to our mini tour through jewelry lore, I offer this.  As the owner (and wearer) of several breast plate necklaces, it’s right up my alley.  An Edo Period (1603-1868) Japanese armor from Peter Finer.

These a just a handful of examples from the thousands available (including furniture, art and objets).  You really can’t wrong.


2020 San Francisco Fall Show ~ October 16-25 ~


Happy shopping!!



P.S. Check out more pics on my Instagram!

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