the next golden year

HAPPY 2012!!

image: cover of Vogue Gioiello (Italy), Sept/Oct 2010.  (Click on image to see anniversary party!)


You might be wondering why I chose this image.  First, it is a thrilling tribute for the 30 year anniversary of Vogue Gioiello (Vogue Jewelry), which is a stand-alone Italian Vogue publication.  Second, it represents what I hope for the year (that’s one year, not 30!) ahead.  2011 was a tricky year for me.  I lacked direction (it happens) and in many cases, energy (unforgivable).  Thus, I’ve set the bar high for 2012.


I’ve got quite an ambitious list of adventures and goals for myself:

* Move back to the US from Paris

* Choose (with my boyfriend) a city to live in

* Outline a career path for myself – and act on it!

* Write more: publish at least 5 blog posts every week

* Buy a high-quality camera, and learn how to use it properly

* Choose an organization that’s important to me and start volunteering

* Plan a fabulous birthday party for my boyfriend

* Be more financially responsible (i.e. balance my checkbook every month, stick to budgets…)

* Give yoga another try.  In that same vein, meditate at least 3 times every week.

* Loose my flabby stomach

* Embrace uncertainty as an adventure and don’t waste valuable time and energy stressing out about things

I know, so banal to make (much less publish) a list of resolutions on January 1st.  Oh well.

Here’s to the best year yet!

À bientôt,


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