‘Ten Drums’ and a bottle of wine

Last night a Taiwanese friend of mine invited me to join her at the Ten Drum concert at the Luxembourg Gardens.  It was a lovely night, temperate with a few shapely clouds in the sky.  I wasn’t exactly sure what a Taiwanese drum concert would be like, but I thought, ‘why not?’  So we went.  It was a rather short concert, maybe 30 minutes long, but with a great outpouring of passion from the performers.  As with all music that I enjoy, I managed to almost completely tune out the performance and got lost in my own thoughts.  But I think there’s a real value to that!  So all in all, I very much enjoyed it.


And after the concert when I asked my friend if this was a typical Taiwanese form of music, she said, “no, I think of it as Japanese.”   Hmmm…. Anyway, this group is good – they’re touring France before performing at the Avignon Festival, which runs from July 6-25.

Happy Friday + 4th of July weekend!


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