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Christmas comes early here, a cultural lesson

I’m back in Minnesota for the holidays, and like most people, I was out running last-minute errands yesterday.  While at the cash register at The Container Store (so American – love it!), the man in line behind me complimented me on my earrings (see below).  I said, “thanks, they’re my Christmas earrings.”  Then I added,…

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Key to my heart: Bourges, France

Happy Monday!!  For a gentle entry to the week, take a look at this door: A wooden door of a wooden house in the historic center of Bourges, France. Now look closer: Yes, the lock is a heart.  So many romantic scenarios come to mind… I mean, who does that?   Someone who’s incredibly sweet and has…

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Going Global

For whatever reason, I’ve recently developed an obsession with globes.  They’re my new must-have objet of home décor.  I’ve been scouring flea markets and memorabilia shops for ‘vintage’ and antiques models here in Paris. I found a rather small one on a dainty wooden pedestal and in great shape in a vintage shop in the…

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