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Christmas comes early here, a cultural lesson

I’m back in Minnesota for the holidays, and like most people, I was out running last-minute errands yesterday.  While at the cash register at The Container Store (so American – love it!), the man in line behind me complimented me on my earrings (see below).  I said, “thanks, they’re my Christmas earrings.”  Then I added,…

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a wearable Yoox wishlist

First of all, sorry for the lapse in posts – my internet in Paris wasn’t working, then I was traveling, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, since living in France, I’ve started checking out often (maybe it’s more ‘top of mind’ because the company is European?).  It’s got an astounding collection, and as I’ve been monitoring…

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Antwerp: the goods (or, what i bought)

As a pro shopper, of course I enjoyed my birthday weekend in Antwerp.  So here is the final installment in my Antwerp series: the jewels. First, I stopped at Manuel, where I found TONS of pieces I liked, including some by Carlo Zini – those were a bit out of my price range, but I found…

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