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Montecito Part II + vintage ‘Byzantine’ Chanel

Montecito is one of those places that’s a little bit like fairy tale land. Like a Swiss Cottage in the mountains where a princess would live. Or like Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard (although I’ve never been to either, but I’ve seen enough pictures and heard enough stories to know) or like the Hamptons (where I…

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just playin’

I noticed this fun editorial take on designer handbags and thought I’d share…it made me smile, especially the Pink Panther!   I mean, Chanel and stuffed animals go together like peanut butter and jelly, no?!? À bientôt, k.  

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Lawrence Vrba jewelry

I recently discovered Lawrence (“Larry”) Vrba jewelry at the flea market in Paris.  I wasn’t as into vintage jewelry as I am now (surrounded by it in Europe!), and this must be why I had not been introduced to his designs until now.  And let me tell you, quite an introduction!  I walked into a…

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