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Northern Grade pop-up shop

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to attend my first Northern Grade show in Minneapolis.  Northern Grade is a pop-up shop for men’s heritage brands – J.W. Hulme, Pierrepont Hicks, Duluth Pack, Red Wing Shoes, and many more. When I arrived and saw where the event is held – at Architectural Antiques –…

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Antique Archaeology Adventure

My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip from New Orleans (his hometown) to Minneapolis (my hometown).  I’ll share little tidbits in the coming days, don’t worry ; ) Anyway, one obligatory stop was in LeClaire, Iowa.  Where?!, you say.  LeClaire is a town on the western bank of the Mississippi River in…

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pickin’ Alsace

My boyfriend and I have fallen for American Pickers, the History Channel show about two guys from Iowa who travel the U.S. buying the best vintage/antiques/cool junk for their shops in Iowa and Nashville. As we started watching our first episode, my boyfriend and I looked at each other and said “that’s us!!”  Although we call…

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