Staying faithful (to blogging)

This SHOULD be me.

If you’re reading my blog this morning hoping for photos of vintage home décor, fashion designs or my latest jewelry find, you might as well stop reading now.

Contrary to this blog’s mission, today’s post is not going to be about anything stylish.  It’s a self-indulgent post, but hopefully one that you’ll find amusing, at least.  (You might be laughing at me, or with me, I’m not sure.)   So, my issue.  I’ve really been struggling with this blog lately.  Errr, maybe I’ve been struggling with it since I started it.  Nonetheless, I’ve hit the skids again.  I told myself that I’d blog every day – every weekday, at the very least.  Do you remember that New Year’s Resolution??!  Blown that!

WHY?  Laziness? Maybe.  Occasionally.  Fear of sounding boring or like an idiot?  Yes.  Often.  Worried that I don’t have professional photos for each post and that I’ll look like a total amateur?  Um, yeeesss.

Why am I even writing today’s post?  Well, I was reading Vogue magazine just now – really reading it.  It has excellent writing.  But it also started me thinking (again) about how people can write about the most inane subjects, and if the words flow smoothly and the subject evolves, voilà, a good piece of writing.  It also made me think about writers who can make me laugh.  Or even smile.  That’s worth a lot.  And if I can empathize with the author, that’s golden.  It’s like when friends tell me about crazy dreams they’ve had.  It makes me feel less insane about my crazy dreams.

Point being: I love good writing and good writers, and I’m not saying that I am a ‘good writer’, but if I can bring people along on a pleasant (perhaps inane) journey through my thoughts, maybe make them laugh with me, and feel slightly better about themselves and their own lives, then I’ve accomplished something.  ‘Good’ writer or not!

My next thought is: “Katherine, just sit down and write more, d*mn it!”

So here I am.  And I’m not foolish enough to make more grandiose promises that I’ll blog every day.  I’ll try my best, but no resolutions.  (I haven’t balanced my checkbook every week or whatever silly, unrealistic financial goal I set for myself on January 1st, either.)

À demain (I hope – just kidding!)


PS.  In response to reason #3 above for not blogging every day, I did get a SLR digital camera last week. (It was a very late Christmas gift – I decided I need that more than I needed a high-quality scanner, although I need one of those, too.)  Hopefully I’ll learn how to use it in the next couple of weeks.  That should inspire me to post more often.  And the posts will be prettier and more original, too.


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