Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. in Santa Barbara, CA

{Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. vintage petal necklace and earrings}


As it turned out, I had a lovely Black Friday.  My family was visiting for the holiday and we were in agreement that the mall was not where we wanted to spend the day.  So we made the hour drive north to Santa Barbara to enjoy a balmy mid-70s day among the inspiring Spanish Mission architecture and hoped to find something we all wanted to do.  Except for lunch on State Street, we didn’t.  Find an amusement for everyone.

But I noticed what looked like recognizable vintage jewelry in the window of a shop called Coast 2 Coast Collection in one of the arcades just off of State Street.  My husband gave me a 5 minute reprieve  (which turned into 10) from our entertaining our daughter and herding the my family.  I popped in and was amazed to see an entire case full of vintage Chanel.  A collection to rival some stalls at the famous Paris flea market St. Ouen.  (A small portion is currently online.)

The Stanley Hagler necklace and earring set, pictured above, (priced at $995) was one of the two that caught my eye in the shop window.  The second was a vintage (I think, but I was rushed, refer to reprieve mentioned in previous paragraph) Kenneth Jay Lane necklace and earrings set (priced at $1,695, not listed on website).

{vintage Kenneth Jay Lane – perfect for Christmas!}


The shop has some of its vintage jewelry collection online and some of its contemporary jewelry, too.

And although I didn’t take any photos (again, very rushed due to family obligations), Renaissance Consignment on State Street at the entrance to La Arcada (around the corner from Coast 2 Coast Collection) also had some really cool-looking vintage jewelry in the window, as well as designer clothes and neat belts inside.


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