Project of the Month: Picture frame jewelry display

It’s Friday!  So as we head into the weekend (free time!), I thought I’d show you my latest creation.  I’m not super crafty, but occasionally I turn out a project or two….

Since I LOVE jewelry and have a considerable collection, I decided that I should try to put together something that would properly display my favorite pieces, rather than keeping them lumped in trays.  I happened to find a very cool silver metal Moroccan frame for a song.  The frame originally held a mirror, but the glass shattered, so I got the frame for 40 euros (about $55) – not bad for a frame that’s 90cm x 120cm (or about 3 feet x 4 feet)!   I also bought some khaki linen fabric from an art store (about 20 euros or $28) and a piece of poster board to fit the frame (about 4 euros or $6).  All of my other supplies were normal household items – scissors, stapler, small nails, a hammer.

my excellent find from Sentou Paris

gathering supplies

because of the breadth of my jewelry collection, I chose a neutral backdrop for my display

step 1: take apart the frame

step 2: cut the fabric so there’s about an inch of extra fabric on all four sides of the poster board

step 3: pull the fabric taut across the poster board and then staple it on all four sides

step 4: place the poster board into the frame

take a break: doesn’t the wrapping tape look like a colorful piece of art when stuck to a white wall?

step 5: hammer small nails into the sides of the frame so that the nails are parallel to the frame.  this keeps the poster board and backing board in place.

step 6: evaluate your work

complete + ready for jewelry!

violà!  my giant gem display.  although it fits only a fraction of my pieces…..

Wishing you a weekend full of inspiration!

À lundi ~


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  1. Tim on October 13, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Wow! That turned out great. Very creative.

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