“Pop-up shops” redone

It’s true: pop-up shops are uber-trendy right now. And for good reason.  The limited monetary expenditure allows young brands to have a (limited) retail presence, and it allows major brands to experiment in new cities and with special collections.  Thus, I wasn’t surprised to encounter several as I’ve been cruising around northern Europe the past few months.  There were two “pop-ups” that caught my attention:

A tee-shirt collection displayed in a hallowed-out medieval church in Bruges, Belgium:


And an A.F. Vandevorst boutique (that’s been made to look like church) in a small house in the beach front town of Knokke, Belgium.  The brand took over the entire first floor, and included art installations in the rooms not displaying clothing and accessories.


like being in church. and worshipping shoes.

a subversive church. with avant-garde fashion for sale.


a statue next to the entrance

moving into the art installations, there's a creepy altar-like arrangement

a twisted-staircase installation

an 'art' video plays in one room

modern art, A.F. Vandevorst-style

What will be next?  I wait excitedly to see!

Happy Shopping ; )

À bientôt,


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