pickin’ paris!

So we’re back at it – treasure hunting, picking – whatever you want to call it, my boyfriend and I are busy looking for unique finds here in France.  This weekend we went to a brocante in a nearby neighborhood, in Paris’ 15th arrondissement.

In terms of quality, this was one of the better ones we’ve seen in our two years of hitting these events.  No new, mass-produced Chinese junk, and a good variety of traditional French items, as well as some pieces from across Europe.

piles of champagne flutes

champagne glasses and tea cups. gorgeous display arrangement.

crates full of brass fixtures

a real book press!

look at the cat bell!


my dream - a pair of these huge glass suns. but at 800 euros plus shipping, I just couldn't....

And here’s what we came away with (“picked”):

a 1970s Hermès belt - with the vintage logo "H", for my boyfriend's mom

and my EPIAG Czechoslovakian art deco-style tea set. it was love at first sight!

We’re headed to Bordeaux later this week, so we’ll see what we come up with!

Happy Sunday!

À demain,


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  1. Dina on January 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    What a cool tea set, kath! I’m so jealous!

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