pickin’ Alsace

My boyfriend and I have fallen for American Pickers, the History Channel show about two guys from Iowa who travel the U.S. buying the best vintage/antiques/cool junk for their shops in Iowa and Nashville.

As we started watching our first episode, my boyfriend and I looked at each other and said “that’s us!!”  Although we call ourselves “treasure hunters” instead of “pickers”.  But we so fell in love with the show (and the “stars”, Mike and Frank!), that in one night we watched all of the current season’s episodes.

Just before Christmas, my boyfriend and I drove to the northeastern corner of France, to the regions of Alsace and Lorraine.  (As you know if you read my blog last week!)  We decided to take back roads instead of the autoroute.  In doing so, we found some cool scenes:


the site of one antiquités shop in Alsace

Harry Korn!  Anyone else watch Harry’s Law?!?

the inn across the courtyard from Harry Korn’s

the bar connected to the inn across the courtyard from Harry Korn’s

the tiny church across the street from Harry Korn’s

the small town in Alsace, home to Harry Korn Antiquités

a brocante (antique/vintage shop) we found along our wandering path

a quaint display outside of the brocante

more brocante treasures

one of my beloved steeples (to look at, not to buy!)

my single purchase (surprise), a gilded mirror

Ever mindful of our impending departure from Europe,  we didn’t “pick” too much on this trip, but I managed to add to my growing collection of antique and vintage northern European mirrors!

Happy Friday to all!

À bientôt,


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