Part Deux: Saintes, France

Happy Monday!

After leaving you in Saintes on Friday, we’re going to extend our visit for another day.  I can’t resist posting photos of the medieval cathedral, Saint-Pierre.

along the walk down the hill, back to the center of town and the cathedral

ah, here we are at the entrance (behind a group of Frenchies taking a tour)

surrounding the entrance…

…wonderful examples of Gothic church architecture

an impressively MASSIVE structure

the pulpit (the wood ‘crown’ was added later)

one of several private chapels along the perimeter of the (inside of the) cathedral

a private space to give blessings

displayed on the wall is a list of the evêques (bishops) of cathedral of Saintes

brilliant stained glass windows, fortunately (for us as visitors) de rigueur in French cathedrals

the courtyard adjoining the cathedral

a look up at the lithe gargoyles

more lovely details, enhanced by age

a look back at the cathedral as we headed back to our car

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Saintes.  If you’re traveling in the area, it’s worth a visit.  I hear that during the summer the town is much more lively – and it would be warm and sunny, instead of grey and chilly like when we were there in January!

À bientôt,


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