Paris’ other flea: Porte de Vanves

Yes, i’m back online.  I finally got our pictures together from two weekends ago when my boyfriend and I went to Paris’ other famous flea market, Porte de Vanves.

It’s not as “professional” as the Saint-Ouen (Clignancourt) flea market – there are no permanent stalls, vendors set up their stalls each Sunday along two residential streets just at the edge of the 14th arrondissement.  Accordingly, Porte de Vanves is MUCH smaller, and the items for sale tend to be “smalls” – antique silverware, door knockers, paintings, etc. The prices are, perhaps accordingly, quite a bit better than Saint-Ouen.

We spent an hour or two wandering through the tables.  I came away with a few old, bronze curtain pulley ornaments and my boyfriend got (surprise!) yet another map of the US from the early 1800s.  But here’s some of the other neat stuff we saw:

a quintessential Parisian flea market stand

can you see the mini rocking horse? (i know, there’s a lot of visual interference!) so cool!

an early 20th century stained-glass lantern 

love vintage posters!

i’m sucker for well-displayed stemware

colorful plaques

a wonderful display of randoms like hotel keys

one of my beloved sun mirrors. how i long to own one!

and a lovely wooden box in the shape of a butterfly.

Hey kids, keep digging’!

À bientôt,


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