Packing for Vacation: A Brazilian Inspiration

So on Saturday, I’m headed to the South for 10 days.  For the most part, I’ll be in New Orleans.  Jazz Fest will be going on in the city, in addition to the usual, colorful entertainment.  My boyfriend and I will also be hitting historic Natchez and Vicksburg (Mississippi), as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi (staying at the legendary Beau Rivage!!).

Let me tell you, I cannot wait!  While it was an unseasonably warm Feb/March here in Minneapolis, April has been less kind – it was 70 degrees on Sunday, and then it SNOWED yesterday morning!  (No accumulation, phew.)  Point being: I’m ready for some HEAT!

As I look through my wardrobe, here’s what’s going through my mind (all photos taken by Jean François Campos in Flair (Italia) magazine, March 2011): 

Fun in florals

I admit it: my favorite part of this photo is the background (reminds me of New Orleans!)

poetic: bright colors light up an aging street

I just like this photo! (And the Prada ensemble she's wearing!)

Dark + sultry with candy-colored jewels = amazing!

A flair for the dramatic (love that hat!)

Sultry + Colorful + Fun = GOOD TIMES!!

Though this photo story was all about Brazil, many elements remind me of New Orleans – like the fact that you can practically feel the humidity through the photos.  And then there are the colors.  And the old, worn city streets.  Romantic decay at its best.

As for my trip, I’m only taking one carry-on suitcase, so I’m not sure how I’m going to manage looking this colorful during my trip, but at least I can strive for it!

À bientôt,


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