One Fine Day in Paris

It’s been a loooong time since I last blogged.  In my absence from blogging, I’ve grown increasingly self-critical about my writing, so I’m not going to overthink this post.  I’ve chosen an easy topic for myself: showcasing someone else’s gorgeous work.  Looking back through my archive (iPhoto), I came across these lovely photos taken in 2010 when I was living in Paris.  My friend (and business school colleague) Juliana, a photo enthusiast, volunteered to take some shots of me (and more importantly, my jewelry) as we walked around town.  I agreed, natch.

Wandering around the Marais…


Juliana_pic 3_Afghan necklaces from Turkey

Juliana_pic 6_Paris street

Juliana_closeup_Afghan necklaces from Turkey


Juliana_pic 5_graffiti in Paris

Juliana_pic 4_Afghan necklaces from Turkey

The necklaces I’m wearing are both Afghan bought in Istanbul, where I used to go on jewelry buying trips.  I miss those trips.  I was roaming through the Grand Bazaar and stopped into a shop full of Afghan pieces – not just jewelry, but metal matchboxes, knives, tapestries, and God only knows what else.  The shorter necklace was found in one of the “pay by the pound” crates.  It’s metal with dyed glass inlays.  The longer necklace is one that I made with a simple metal chain (bought in the U.S.), metal and glass beads (not from the crate) and a metal tassel.  For good measure.  There’s something very appealing about digging through heaps and heaps of jewelry findings.  That’s something one tends not to find as often in U.S. or Europe.  When I see it, I dive in.

Hope you enjoyed a little jaunt through the City of Light.  May this post be the springboard that re-launches my blogging habit!


*Many, many thanks to Juliana for her work!  (But really, it didn’t feel like work….)  This isn’t the only series of photos she took, so I’ll have post our winter session some time.

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  1. Kate on February 12, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    So happy to see you blogging again, Kathy! I love these photos and hearing about where and why and how you found your beautiful jewelry. More, more, please!!

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