Little loves

Let me first say for the record that I do not like the idea of animals behind bars.  (Zoos make me sad.)  But I while at the State Fair last weekend, I did take the opportunity to visit the animals.  I feel much better knowing that the animals are only brought in and caged for only a few days at the fair, allowing we city folk to learn about and be close to them.

I love animals, and find them all so beautiful, in their own little ways…

Oink! Hello! What a sweetheart, with his pink nose (snout)!

Their heads and necks form a heart! How sweet…

Hello to you, too!

This calf is only 3 days old!!! But with his black and white coloring, he reminds me of my kitty, Oscar.

Mom feeding her babies – born the day before.

Feeding FRENZY.


The animals are one of my favorite things at the fair, and these are just a few of the shots that I took of these beauties.  Baaahhh.

À demain,


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