Lawrence Vrba jewelry

I recently discovered Lawrence (“Larry”) Vrba jewelry at the flea market in Paris.  I wasn’t as into vintage jewelry as I am now (surrounded by it in Europe!), and this must be why I had not been introduced to his designs until now.  And let me tell you, quite an introduction!  I walked into a shop at the flea market and my mouth fell open.  It doesn’t hurt that Vrba’s jewelry was among vintage Chanel, YSL, Stanley Hagler, among others.  But Vrba’s creations were stunning!  And SO ME: big and full of color!!

A word about Larry Vrba:  he is originally from Nebraska, but moved to NYC in the 1970s and began designing for Miriam Haskell Jewelry.  He also worked briefly for Castlecliff.  Having designed jewelry for over 40 years, Vrba continues to work on his wonderfully opulent pieces today.

Just to give you a tiny selection of his works, those which I prefer, here are some notables below.  And if you’re interested in seeing more, Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry has fabulous pictures of many pieces as well as more of Vrba’s professional background.

Lots of color!  (photo: Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry)

One of Vrba’s famous ‘sultan’ pins.  (photo: Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry)

Another popular look: the ‘sultan’ incorporated into a necklace with pearls. (photo: Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry)

A bit less expressive, but just as big! (photo: Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry)

A brilliant celebration of green from my favorite Parisian flea market shop!  (photo:

Ok, I’ve gotta get back to stalking Vrba jewelry on ebay!

À bientôt,


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  1. purpleboxjewelry on November 1, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    I love the green necklace, what a great piece for a fall evening out on the town.

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