La Crosse, WI: My Top 5

My boyfriend and I headed down for an overnight trip to Southwestern Minnesota/Western Wisconsin this weekend and spent Saturday night in La Crosse while visiting a friend.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from La Crosse – it was my first trip – but I was pleasantly surprised with the gentrification of the riverfront area (the city is on the Mississippi).  I love looking at water….although I didn’t take any photos of it.

To boil it down into just a few shots, I chose my 5 faves:

I love old buildings like this, and the worn advertising painted on the side makes it even more charming.

This tattoo parlor is located on one of the main drags through town. Check out the white ironwork!

Mary of the Angels Chapel was built in 1902.

One of the chapel’s many gorgeous stained glass windows.  (The yellow cast in the photo is my fault…)

And a lovely flower stand made of pebbles.

Just a few snippets of life in a small city : )

À demain,


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