In praise of ‘junk’

I normally wouldn’t refer to anything in my possession as “junk”, but these are, well, er, kind-of junky. I’m not 100% sure where I bought them (yes, I paid money for them!), but I’m pretty sure it was a flea market near my parents’ cabin in northern Minnesota.   I also found some fabulous, exquisitely preserved vintage pieces from ART, Weiss and others at this same market.  But I liked these, and still do, because they’re full of color and sort-of bohemian feeling.  And when I take my daughter to a petting zoo in a park and am thus wearing the most boring outfit ever – a white tee and black skirt – they liven things up a bit.

{modeling my earrings at last weekend’s event}

DIY earrings at Thousand Oaks park

As you’re looking at the photos of me in this post, you’re probably thinking, what is she doing?  And maybe what a kook!   And I would understand why.  I admit, I’m really reaching here.  My husband, my mother (who’s visiting town for a few days) and I brought our daughter to a local event at Old Meadows Park in Thousand Oaks, California.  It involved a massive park with jungle gyms and play structures for every age group, picnic tables, modern public bathrooms (!!) and wide fields for things like pick-up soccer games, all nestled in a hallow surrounded by green (at this time of year) mountain ridges on three sides and a meadow on the fourth.  And today there’s also a petting zoo brought in for the children.  There was a potbellied pig, several rabbits and chicks, all very friendly and accustomed to being embraced by excited young hands.  My daughter was terrified by all of the animals and refused to let me set her down in the pen with the animals.  Which made the fact that she was dying to ride the pony all the more surprising.  And ride she did.  Unlike most of the wailing under-2s who got into the saddle, my daughter was a natural, according to the pony handler.  Oh dear, do I see horseback riding lessons, and their corresponding expense, in my future??

{just for fun!}

DIY earrings at Thousand Oaks Park_2

{my “junky” earrings}

junky earrings

{and a message on the back}

junky earrings_back

As usual, I digress.  Back to jewelry.  These wonderful little creations are primarily plastic beads hung from scraps of thick paper.  Very DIY.  I thought the back of the earrings were interesting.  I’m not sure if that’s someone’s signature, maybe the DIY-er who made these pieces or if the writing happened to be on the paper that was used in their construction.  A little mystery!   I think these earrings highlight the point that we should all go to flea markets and garage sales and rummage through junk more often – you never know what you’ll find!


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  1. leslie chang on April 4, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    really great creativity dear Katherine!! specially earring made with plastic paper.

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