How I Wear It: Vintage Christian Lacroix Runway

This bold, brassy 1980s vintage runway necklace by Christian Lacroix has been hanging around my top jewelry drawer (where I keep my most treasured pieces) for way too long.  When I caught a glimpse of it while digging for another piece the other day, I pulled it out and decided that I had to wear.  I mean, how sad to keep this fabulous one-of-a-kind runway piece languishing in a drawer??

For me, this is a little piece.  Meaning subtle.  So I thought I would punch it up with one of my favorite patterns, leopard prints!  There’s a lot going on there, I know, but I think it works.  I love all of the little doo-dads on the necklace – the little hand, the bejeweled flowers, the scrap of leather.  I thought those brown and golden details paired nicely with the different brown tones in the sweater.  Oh, and my daughter picked the hibiscus flower for me when we took the picture.  I didn’t wear that accessory for the whole day ;)

The history of this piece is fun, too.  Well, fun for me :).  I got it on our last trip to Paris in October of 2016.  I found it at one of my very favorite vintage shops in the world, located at the famous Paris Saint-Ouen flea market, Au Grenier de Lucie.  The owners are a lovely English couple, Heidi and Jason.  I met them when they first open their shop (stall?) at Saint-Ouen, somewhere in 2009-2010.  (If I’m remembering correctly.).  Anyway, I visited them again on this last trip and walked out with a couple of pieces, the first of which I’ve blogged about is this post.  (I know, I’m way behind!). Their shop is like a little jewel box full of fabulous designer vintage pieces – Chanel, Lacroix, YSL, Jean Paul Gaultier and some unique brands like Bijoux Heart (which I bought a necklace from).

If you’re hitting Saint-Ouen anytime soon, you’ll find them nestled in the Marché Vernaison section of the market.  Or, if you want to dream, you can follow them on Instagram @rarevintagejewellery (note the British spelling of jewellery).

Christian Lacroix, of course, was a world famous haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion and accessories brand until 2009, when it was reduced to only accessories.  Lacroix was based in Paris and showed there, as well.  Although you can certainly find great Lacroix pieces Stateside, Paris is really where it’s at in terms of collecting, especially the one-of-a-kind, worn on the runway pieces, like this one.  This isn’t the only Lacroix I have in my collection.  I also have a pair of 1980s clip earrings that I bought in Berlin.  (I’ll feature those sometime, too.). I’d love to collect even more Lacroix.  His sensibility for lots of color and big and bold really speaks to me.  It’s flamboyant fun!  I definitely need a little more fun in my life, so if it comes to me through my love of jewelry, all the better!

Happy collecting/wearing/pairing/styling!


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