Holy Eats!

When I first started seeing photos of people’s meals on their blogs, I was a bit put-off.  It just seemed….weird.  As I’ve grown to embrace it, I’m adding more of my own.

Today’s meal has a story to tell beyond what’s on the plate.  The below was a recent lunch at Holy Land in Minneapolis.  Holy Land is a bakery and deli in Northeast Minneapolis.  The neighborhood was traditionally immigrants and very working class.  When my great-grandparents moved to Minneapolis 100 years ago (from Germany and Sweden), they moved to Northeast.  Now the neighborhood is an eclectic mix of the descendants of Northern European immigrants, African-Americans, East African (mostly Somali) immigrants and hipster artists who work in the Northeast Arts District.

As you might imagine from its name, Holy Land features authentic Middle Eastern food: falafel, hummus, pocket/pita bread, olive bar, halal meat, fried desserts, etc.  I had the Greek Gyro, which included chicken and feta cheese (!!).  With fries and a Diet Coke, I think my meal came to around $7.  And it was wonderful!  And delightfully filling ; )

In addition to the good meal, I also enjoyed the scene at Holy Land.  Shoppers/diners ran the gamut from recent immigrants from Africa to preppy/hipster white girls like me (ha ha ha).  It’s fun, because one doesn’t always find such a diverse crowd in the Twin Cities.



Bon Appétit!


À demain,


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