High Inspiration/ Low Productivity

It’s true: I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  And not only will I tell you why, but I will show you why.  As you have seen, I have been busy running around the Twin Cities metropolitan area (and just outside of it, too) going to occasional sales.  On top of that, spring has sprung early in Minnesota, as it has in many places across the northern U.S.  That means this:

..I set up my good-weather work station..

..I lose myself staring at the rhododendrons..

..I ponder the mysteries of life from an old garden bench..

..I obsess over cool garden figures, especially “headless” ones, like this..

..I observe the delicate colors in just-planted flowers..

..I imagine creating garden art..

.. and I admire the cat garden sculpture my mom made in her metal-working class last week.

All of this inspiration fuels creativity, but doesn’t necessarily translate into blog posts….forgive me!

And Happy Spring!  Hope you’re getting out and enjoying it!

À bientôt,


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