Announcing The Daily Bauble!

<<originally posted September 6, 2012>>

Welcome to The Daily Bauble!

The Daily Bauble is my personal jewelry challenge: can I wear a different piece of jewelry EVERY DAY FOR ONE YEAR??

The idea for The Daily Bauble came from my realization that even though I own hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of jewelry, and consider myself a fashionable girl who likes to experiment with clothing and accessories, I repeatedly wear certain pieces of jewelry.  That’s boring, and a shame!  I’ve spent a lot of (wonderful!) time collecting pieces – antique, vintage and new, as well as time making some of my own things – they shouldn’t be stuck in a drawer!

Here’s the scoop: starting tomorrow, I will post photos of me daily 5 days a week (with occasional weekend posts) wearing that day’s ensemble.  For this “challenge”, I’m allowed to repeat pieces of jewelry, but only if at least one of the pieces hasn’t been worn yet within the year.

Away we go….!!!


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