Future in the Stars

Question: What do you think this object is?

shooting star


[Indefinitive] Answer:  Hat Stand.  Or random household decoration.  But it was in the “hat stand” section of the Berlin flea market where I bought it, so….

Ok, but why am I even asking you this question?  [In and of itself a good question!]  Here’s why:  the other night, my husband and I had some Italian friends over for dinner.  Just before they arrived, I was scrambling to decorate the dining room table.  So I grabbed some of my vintage mirrors [I have quite the motherlode!] and was looking for something else to add some ‘height’ to the table display.  I grabbed this [see: the object pictured above].  I didn’t think much of it until our friends began discussing something in Italian [the girlfriend of the pair doesn’t speak very much English] and pointing at it.  After a minute, her boyfriend said to me [in English; he’s fluent], “that’s the Star of David, right?”  And then they spoke a bit more and he said, “you’re decorating for Christmas?  Very nice!”

Religious emblem?  Hat stand?  Whatever.  I politely told our guests that it could, in fact, be a Star of David.  And yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas decorating.  [Right…because I haven’t started decorating for Halloween yet…]

But this whole scene made me start thinking about SHOOTING STARS.  And the fact that maybe I have a small obsession with them??   This all comes back to jewelry because it was, in fact, a shooting star necklace that perhaps launch my infatuation with jewelry.  One of the first pieces I bought when I started getting really serious about jewelry as a passion/business was a necklace that I found in Essaouira, Morocco in 2006.  It’s sterling silver with bits of rhinestone [which make the “stars” glimmer!], and lapis lazuli to add color to these beautiful ‘shooting stars’.

dynasty necklace BRIGHT 194x320


Oh, and if you don’t see the stars, look at the necklace from the side:

shooting stars_Moroccan necklace_dynasty necklace


Pretty cool, right?!


Well, I’m off to start my weekend…I hope there’s lots of jewelry in it ; )


Note: This necklace is NOT typical of Moroccan jewelry, which tends to be Tuareg-made or influenced.  More tribal looking.  But when I saw this, I loved it, grabbed it and didn’t ask questions!

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