Friday’s Find

Yes, I’m officially OBSESSED with Occasional Sales.  And another week means another round of ’em!

This week the Rockford and Buffalo, Minnesota sales were in full swing, so I drove out there to check them out.

I started in Rockford at one of my favorites, Found Salvage.  The owner, Angela, is lovely, and has great taste.  Last week I bought a gorgeous baby blue and white Limoges tray with elegant gold accents from her at the A Gathering of Friends sale in Minneapolis.  The tray came with a matching candlestick, which I’m using as a place to display bracelets.  Here’s a peak at a couple of the goods in the shop:

Found Salvage storefront

a silverized lion garden sconce

an exuberant lamp

I love the lime green trim on this chair (which has 3 mates)

leaded glass, always a good thing

Next, I moved on to the ORIGINAL Occasional Sale, started 15 years ago, Second-Hand Rose:


I stumbled upon this lovely chair, only $95 (!!!!)  The chair, itself, was clearly vintage, but the upholstery was brand new.  I would have cost $1,000 at a fancy store.  So I decided to get it.  The only issue was getting the chair into my sedan…

my beautiful little chair

After buying my chair and securing it in the car, I headed into downtown Buffalo, which has a main street that’s a couple of blocks long, and contains several other occasional sale shops.  After shopping for 5 hours, I was exhausted and hungry.  So I stopped for lunch.

A sweet, little all-American lunch.

Then I headed back home, a 50 minute drive (all highways), with the chair hanging out the back of the car:

yep, couldn’t see out the back window, but it all ended ok.

Oh, and I picked this mantle for my mom at Kathie’s Finds in downtown Buffalo.  (I didn’t even try to get it in the car – it’s being delivered tomorrow.)

My mom’s been looking for a mantle to display her artwork at her studio.

Back home, here’s my chair, with the folding screen that I painted behind it.  Can you tell that I like pink?!

my chair, at home

Though this chair wouldn’t normally be my style (a touch British grandmother), it’ll be perfect in the “garden” room that I’m dying to have.  When I actually have my own home.  Anyway, here’s my inspiration:

One of Charlotte Moss’s delicious rooms, featured on the cover of her latest book.

I absolutely LOVE this book – Charlotte Moss’s rooms are elegant yet personal and comfortable.  I am also totally crushing on the chaise-lounge in this room, too.  Still on the hunt for that one.

Happy Friday/Easter/Passover!

À la prochaine,


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  1. oldvogue on April 6, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    You picked up some amazing things! I am afflicted with the same obsession as you – unfortunately I live in 38 square metres which does not accommodate for vintage furniture fixations. Sad face.

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