Dressing for (Christmas) dinner

Since I’ve been living in Paris, my cats have been staying with my parents in Minnesota.  Naturally, when I come back to my parents’ house, I’m thrilled to see my sweet little felines.

This year, I decided it would be fun (for us humans, at least) to dress them up for Christmas.  Well, it was a disaster – Oscar was totally freaked out, hid, refused to eat, fought with Amelia, peed on one of my parents’ rugs…  Suffice it to say that I will not be dressing Oscar up again.  (Amelia I might.)

But feast your eyes, because they do look adorable (says their doting mother):

with Oscar, dressed as Santa (horrible quality photo, but Oscar kept running away)

Amelia, resplendent in her festive dress, complete with sequins and tulle

Dressing up the cats (and the ensuing chaos) was the most eventful part of my family’s Christmas.  Otherwise, we just relaxed, ate my dad’s killer Beef Wellington and opened our presents.

Merry Christmas!!  Joyeux Noël!!


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