Day 96: New kingdom

{in our new living room!}

Day 96_Istanbul rounds_1

Day 96_Istanbul rounds_still-life

I chose a terrible headline for today’s post, but nothing else came to mind.  Anyway, yes, we’ve officially moved out of the long-stay “apartment” and into our own place in Hamburg.  This photo is taken in our living room (huge window = necessary because it’s such a gray city that homes need as much light as they can get!).  I love that we look out onto a little courtyard (not shown here) and castles (shown!) behind us.  (We have a more modest 2-bedroom apartment.)  One castle is actually flying the flag of Hanseatic Hamburg (see the red flag with the white fortress on it?)!  That’s patriotism!

I’m wearing another pair of earrings, amethyst, turquoise, pearl and 14k gold vermeil, from my Istanbul collection, bought on a trip to the city a few years ago.  I thought the word ‘kingdom’ was fitting because of the regalness of the earrings – something a sultana (female sultan) would have worn.  And with the castles in the background…

I realize that I’m going heavy on the earrings from Istanbul lately, but the truth is, I could only pack so much jewelry in my luggage, so the rest is currently in German customs right now.  I’m hoping to be reunited with it by the end of next week.  Hoping.

I’m wearing Joe’s ‘Wild’ Jeans; a Hinge top from Nordstrom and my fave watch from Nordstrom.  


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