Day 85: Nach – Nach

{Enjoying sunlight in Hamburg over lunch}

Day 85_bell jar

Day 85_Nach ring_1

Day 85_Nach ring_2

I thought the inverted bell jar was pretty cool.

Notice the lit candle.  This is something particular to Germany.  Or at least northern Germany.  Every (non-fast food/non-take-out) restaurant that I’ve been to in Hamburg and Berlin have tall, lit candles on every table – even for lunch.  (Which is interesting because German restaurants tend to be well-lit – too well-lit for my taste.  I prefer dimmed lighting, especially for dinner.)   I appreciate the atmosphere actual lit candles create, but to my American eye, I can’t help but see fire hazards on every table!

I’m wearing my new porcelain Nach ring, which I bought in Paris a few days ago.  I actually first saw Nach rings in Arrow in Minneapolis before Christmas, and I loved them.  But I finally bought one at Galleries Lafayette in Paris because they had a cat ring.  And since I love kitties….


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