Day 80: Garnets and ice on Museum Island, Berlin

{Berlin, statues along Museum Island}




If you read my post yesterday, you know that Berlin was FREEZING just two days ago when we were there.  Thus the über-warm jacket and mega-lined hat and gloves!  Not a fashion statement by any stretch of the imagination, but the only way to get me to leave our hotel room!

And yes, those are blocks of ice floating down the river behind me and that’s snow in the foreground.  (Yikes!!)

To accompany the ice, I chose 14k gold vermeil, garnet and pearl earrings that I bought in Istanbul a few years ago, near the Grand Bazaar.  Due to the temperature and wind chill factor, that’s the only jewelry visible on me!

North Face coat, gloves and hat; Hudson jeans; Franco Sarto boots.


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