Day 129: What’s happenin’, Cap’in?!

Yesterday my husband and I decided to brave Hamburg’s famous fish market. That is to say that we had to brave getting up by 7:30 on a Sunday morning and, as it turned out, brave the crowds. Apparently, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in town – yikes!

The fish market is also very popular with locals. The fish market isn’t what it used to be a hundred years ago when it started, before the days of complex supply chains. There is still plenty of fish for sale. As well as vegetables, fruit, plants, herbs, flowers, crêpes (??), and plenty of Hamburg souvenirs and choc. Witness my sailor hat.

Day 129_Hamburg fish market_1


Day 129_Hamburg fish market_2


The cool thing to do is to go to the fish market right when it opens at 5:30am, after you’ve been out clubbing all night and are in need of one of the many fish sandwiches for which the market is famous. We skipped the clubbing, but did partake in the fish sandwich.





Day 129_Hamburg fish market_fish sandwiches

And getting back to the jewelry…

Hamburg fish market_still-life_Final

I was in a nautical mood when we headed to the harbor for the market, so I pulled out two pieces that I thought complimented the moment – a pair of plastic navy and white striped earrings and red, white and blue enamel pin. The earrings are not old, probably 1980s. The pin, on the other hand, is likely 1950s-60s. Not too bad for hangin’ by the docks, aye!

Old Navy tee; H&M skirt; Gap bag; vintage 1970s belt.


Until tomorrow,


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