Day 126: Vintage Masters of Munich

Part One of my jewelry adventure in Munich. Tricia Leonard Retro-Vintage is why I’m here on Baaderstraße.  I saw the shop mentioned on SweetCherryMarmelade, and I’m eager to check it out!

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_Baaderstraße sign

And here’s the lovely Tricia! Tricia is a vintage collector (handbags, jewelry, clothing, haberdashery…), as well as a jazz singer! Tricia is English, but has lived in Munich for many years.

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich


Here are a few shots of Tricia’s jewelry and handbags. Unfortunately, my iPhone still-life photography skills do not do her collection justice. So I added some effects to spice the pics up a bit!

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_still-life 1

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_still-life 3

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_still-life 4

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_still-life 2

And here I am in the shop, looking slightly cheesy and modeling my daily jewelry selection surrounded by Tricia’s pieces.

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_me

A close-up of my selected pieces for ‘the daily bauble’ project.

Day 126_Tricia Leonard in her vintage shop_Munich_still-life 5

My bracelet is a handmade Native American piece, glass beads woven onto leather.  It’s a piece that my mother bought for me, I believe, on the North Shore (of Lake Superior) in Minnesota.  The earrings are another fun pair of plastic and cardboard couture from the flea market in Hackensack, Minnesota.

Carven cotton dress (ultra-flattering, I might add!) from Barneys New York; watch from Target.

Tricia Leonard Retro-Vintage ~ Baaderstraße 53, 80469 Munich; Tel +49 89 45207552; Mobil +49 172 8635889; FB: Tricia Leonard Vintage; open Wed to Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-4pm, other times call ahead.

What I loved: Tricia has a fabulous collection of antique and vintage handbags, with an emphasis on needlepoint purses.  There’s also a nice selection of European and American vintage jewelry, mainly unsigned, though when I visited there were some Hollycraft pieces as well as a pair or two of 1970s/80s Dior.  Besides being lovely, Tricia is also an authority on antique/vintage handbags, with many of her pieces being featured in the show Taschen, A cultural history from the 16th to the 21st century (Taschen is German for Handbag), which runs through October 27, 2013 at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich.

Also, Tricia’s shop is conveniently located in an area of Munich with many antique stores (featuring some furniture and jewelry, but mainly trinkets and home accessories).  Happy shopping, indeed!

What to keep in mind:  if you’re looking for vintage handbags from Hermès, Chanel and the like, you will not find them in Tricia’s shop – it’s not her thing.

Part Two of my jewelry odyssey began when Tricia put me in touch with Mary Sue Packer, an American who’s another long-time Munich resident.  Mary Sue is a vintage jewelry collector and dealer and an authority on American vintage jewelry.  For Germans, she literally wrote the book on it: Strass!  She was setting up for an antique fair that would start the following day (sadly, after I flew home to Hamburg), but she was kind enough to let me come and look through her pieces.  And I did more than look!  I bought several pieces, including a 4-piece Trifari set, some Weiss earrings and a German Art Deco bracelet.  I will post photos of my purchases on my “Gallery” page, once I get that up.  (Soon, I promise!)


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  1. Sue Ainsworth on August 5, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    The bracelet was purchased in Minneapolis at Birchbark Books, an independent bookstore which has an interesting collection of Native American jewelry, birdhouses, and notecards as well as many books by and about Native Americans. The shop is owned by author Louise Erdrich.

    • Katherine on August 7, 2013 at 9:31 am

      Thanks, Mom : )


  2. […] bracelet is one of my favorite new pieces.  I got a few weeks ago on my trip to Munich, and I love that the tiny, delicate crystals and pearls together form a larger, more impactful […]

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