Day 125: Multi-colored in Munich

I spent just TWO DAYS on my first trip to Munich – a brief, but action-packed introduction.  And mission accomplished: I discovered some great shops and made contact with some fantastic vintage jewelry dealers (more on that tomorrow)!!

Isn’t this a fantastic picture?!  Thanks to Katherine, my wonderful travel companion (and photographer), for such a flattering shot!

Day 125_Munich Day 1

Day 125_Munich Day 1_still-life

These fun earrings I bought just a few weeks ago at – you guessed it – a flea market in northern Minnesota.  They’re made out of cardboard and plastic beads, and cost $2 or $3.  These big, colorful earrings are perfect, other than being a bit too heavy.  So my next project: turn them into clip-ons, and spare my poor little ears the weight!  The bracelets on my right hand are mine (yep, Katherine Ainsworth Design) and the one on the right is from the same flea market in Minnie.

Bar III dress from Macy’s; BC Footwear sandals; Gap handbag; Ray-Ban sunglasses; watch from Target.

Until tomorrow,


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