Day 123: Flying on the wings of…

…a blue butterfly. I’m starting my post by mentioning this piece because it’s new (I mean, it’s vintage, but I just bought it!) and fabulous. Look at the bright blue crystals in it!

Anyway, today I’m a bit over-dressed for the weather (it’s 80F!), but what can I say? It was cold this morning! And I was looking for an excuse to wear these wide-leg blue pants for the first time – I bought them last summer and finally had them altered ;)

Anyway, here I am in front of our apartment in Hamburg. Isn’t it gorgeous this time of year?!

Day 123_vintage butterfly pin

Day 123_vintage butterfly pin_still-life

To the good stuff! I purchased the wonderful blue crystal pin here in Hamburg two weeks ago at an antiques/vintage fair near us. It’s Austrian and from the 1940s. Schön! The necklace is one I’ve had for awhile. It’s a gold metal and has a gold (metal) chain tassel. I love TASSELS!! I got it a few years ago at a little shop in northern Minnesota that is now closed.
(What is it with stores I like closing?! More on this another day.)

Zara linen jacket (so wellworn it’s stained with makeup around the collar); The Limited top; Alice + Olivia linen wideleg pants.

Happy Friday!!!


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