Day 122: Plunder assunder

That’s right, mate, I’m back in Hamburg, a sea-faring town extraordinaire.  I’m up to my usual tricks: namely, shopping and antiquing/vintage hunting.  The hubby (this is the first time I’ve used that term!) and I headed to the big open-air produce market in a neighborhood near us called Winterhude (“Vin-ter-who-duh”) and happened upon a flohmarkt (flea market), so we dove in!  We enjoyed a crêpe and cappuccino while we perused the merchandise.  In the end, that’s all we bought at this market. But you can’t get lucky every time ; )

 Day 122_wooden nautical earrings

Day 122_wooden  nautical earrings_2

Day 122_wooden nautical earrings_still-life

While entirely appropriate for Hamburg, Europe’s second-largest port whose colors are red & white, these earrings were not purchased here.  They were purchased in another city on the water, the only slightly less famous Walker, Minnesota.  (Ha!)  Yes, another purchase from my terrific jewelry hunt while on honeymoon!  I think these earrings are awesome – carefully painted on lightweight wood, they are clip-ons, which is nice because they’re BIG (almost 2″ in diameter)!  These fun little things are vintage, but I’m not sure how old they are.

Old Navy tee; J.Crew skirt; Ray-Ban sunglasses; BC Footwear sandals; two pieces of cotton rope used as a belt (to complement my nautical theme!).

Ships ahoy!  And see you back here tomorrow ; )



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