Day 121: Vintage trinket in bright, bright, beautiful Hamburg

After being away in the U.S. for six weeks, I was THRILLED to arrive back to Hamburg and find the city drenched in SUN and above 80°F.  (Average temps. for this time of year are in the low 70s/high 6os with rain and wind – yuck!)

So here I am all bright colors and smiles on the Kennedybrücke (Kennedy Bridge, named after John F. Kennedy), with the gorgeous Hamburg skyline behind me.

Day 121_vintage trinket necklace

Day 121_vintage trinket necklace_s_2

This is my ‘artsy’ photo. I thought the necklace looked so cool on the vintage Italian side table. In fact, the jewelry goes so nicely with the table that it’s hard to see it!

And this is my 'practical' photo, in which you can actually see the jewelry in detail!

And this is my ‘practical’ photo, in which you can actually see the jewelry in detail!

I must admit, I chose my clothes FIRST today – I’ve gotta wear all of the lightweight clothing that I bought in the U.S. before it gets cloudy/rainy/cold again here!  So I picked out my little ensemble and then immediately knew what to pair with it: the sweet vintage ‘trinket necklace’ (as I call it).  I bought it in Walker, Minnesota a few weeks ago and just find it so dainty and neat.  I refer to it as a “trinket” because the little golden box reminds me of a locket, an objet in its own right, which just happens to be attached to a golden chain.  And then it’s got the pastel-decorated glass bead on the front.  Perfect.  The earrings are modern, from Beads of Paradise in New York City.  (They look like coffee beans, to me.  Am I right?)

And my new clothes: J.Crew tee and sweater; Jonathan Saunders skirt (bought ads United Apparel Liquidators in New Orleans); Gap bag; watch from Target; as always, the sunnies are Ray-Ban.  The special accessory is a vintage rope belt (from the late 70s/early 80s) bought at StyledLife at the Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  I think I bought 4 or 5 vintage belts there before I left for Germany this winter.  They also had some cool vintage jewelry.  Sadly, StyledLife is closing : (

Welcome back The Daily Bauble!  I can’t wait to show you all of the goodies I’ve bought recently!


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