Day 118: Purple x 3

{musing in front of a home in our neighborhood}

Day 118_Turkish fabric dangles_1Day 118_Turkish fabric dangles_2

Day 118_Turkish fabric dangles_still-life

Purple house + purple ensemble + purple earrings = Purple x 3

One of the things that my fiancé and I like most about our neighborhood in Hamburg is that it reminds us a bit of West London.  Besides the color, I also love this building because it could almost be #10 Downing Street.  (Or maybe #48-#49 Downing Street.)

I’ve had these very cool earrings (bought in Istanbul) for several years now, but for some reason I seldom wear them.  Maybe because they’re splendid in a singular kind of way, featuring an intricate fabric enclosed by glass and framed with gold vermeil.  They’re also in-between small/subtle and big/bold.  I then ask myself:  how do I wear these to their best effect?    I chose a fairly simple solution – take the earrings’ secondary color and wear it head-to-toe.  (Which, surprise!, wasn’t too difficult to achieve with my wardrobe.)  So there it is.  My inspiration.

Ann Taylor Loft tee; OVS (Italy) cotton cargo pants; Zara sweater. 


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