Day 116: Vintage purple bracelet at ‘work’

{back at home, in my office/the guest bedroom}

Day 116_vintage purple bracelet_1

Day 116_vintage purple stone bracelet

Back at home, I’m posing in front of my as-of-yet bare inspiration board.  (Don’t worry – I’ll start filling it up this weekend!)

I’m wearing a vintage purple-stoned (glass) bracelet that I bought at Brides of France in Edina, Minnesota a few months ago.  (For those of you living in Minne, Brides of France has a fantastic selection of jewelry – vintage and modern, handmade pieces.  No need to be getting married – most of their select is not ‘bridal-looking’.  The 1940s (vintage, obviously) earrings feature pearls and purple glass on gold-coated sterling silver.  I bought these beauties in Antwerp two years ago.  The bracelet on my other hand is a splendor from my friends at Quench Jewelry Arts in Minneapolis.

Blouse from Target; J. Crew cardigan; Dylan George jeans.


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