Day 114: Cruising to Norway

{Oslo harbor}

Day 114_Oslo harbor

 Day 114_Oslo harbor_still-life

Since Easter weekend is a 4-day break here in Germany, my fiancée and I decided to try something new: a cruise!  We ‘got our feet wet’ with a quickie: train from Hamburg to Kiel, overnight on the ship from Kiel to Oslo, one night stay in Oslo, then another overnight on the ship from Oslo back to Kiel, and then the train back to Hamburg.  Everything went well (no queasy stomachs or overflowing toilets!), so we plan on taking another, more extensive trip sometime soon.

Oslo was sunny and warm-ish (full disclosure: I removed my coat for this picture only – it wasn’t that warm!) and EXPENSIVE.  Yikes!  That town makes London, New York and Paris look like bargains!  But they did have some pretty hip shopping (which I couldn’t afford) and, inexplicably, several TGI Friday’s (?!?!).

Now, onto the jewelry: These antique-y looking earrings are mother of pearl, amethyst and gold vermeil, and are another pair that I picked up in Istanbul.  I love fancy earrings – they add style to any outfit and travel well!

J.Crew cardigan; Ann Taylor loft tee; Hudson jeans; watch from Target.


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