Day 112: Blue Bone

{posing in front of our apartment building as the sun sets}

Day 112_blue wood necklaceAfter a (mostly) relaxing Easter Weekend (4 days long here in Germany), I’m back in town and ready to blog!

This photo was taken last week (pre-Easter vacation), when there was still snow on the ground.  It’s mostly melted now.  Although there’s snow in the forecast later this week!!(???)

The necklace is one that I’ve never worn before (proof that this Daily Bauble project is working – it’s forcing me to wear pieces that would otherwise sit at the back of a drawer or in a box).  I bought it at Metalliferous in NYC which unfortunately no longer sells any beads nor the fun, funky cheap necklaces they had so many of : (    Anyway, this is a necklace made of blue-dyed wood discs strung together.  I think this style was very popular in the 1980s.  Perhaps among middle-aged women.  Well, I’m bringin’ it back!  I think it looks cool with my watercolor-style top and jeans.

Anne Klein top; Zara jacket; Hudson jeans.


Note: Although it no longer carries beads, beading supplies or finished jewelry, Metalliferous still has a fantastic supply of base metals, sterling silver and other metal findings and chains!





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