Day 102: Golden triangles

{working at my 2nd office, Balzac Coffee}

Day 102_Istanbul_triangle dangles


Day 102_Istanbul_triangle dangles_still life

I love small yet expressive earrings, and these are a great example of that.  They’re delicate, but bold in a way, combining pearls and metalwork in an interesting shape and fun movement, as they ‘bobble’ when I turn my head.  But they’re also easy to wear: they’re lightweight and go with practically any imaginable ensemble.  (Yes, Katherine Ainsworth jewelry at its best.)   I bought these little pearl and 14k gold vermeil gems in Istanbul several years ago.  

If you’re a recent reader of this blog you may be asking yourself, ‘wow, does this girl wear any jewelry that ISN’T from Istanbul?’  The answer is yes!  First of all, I do have a lot of jewelry from Istanbul.  (I had a business a few years ago importing Turkish jewelry to the U.S., but kept a lot of pieces for myself!)  Second, when I moved to Germany two months ago, I had very limited space in my suitcases and I just happened to pack a lot of my pieces from Istanbul.  The rest of my jewelry collection (and my clothing, shoes, books, artwork….) will hopefully be delivered this week to my new apartment in Hamburg.  Fingers crossed!

My comfy cashmere wrap is by Caryn Walker, bought several years ago at a boutique near Palo Alto, California.  


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