Day 101: Faux, meet the real thing.

{attending an antiques fair at the Grand Élysée in Hamburg}

Day 101_crystal necklaces


Day 101_crystal necklaces_still-life

There was some great vintage and antique jewelry at the fair today.  Several of the ‘usuals’: Kenneth Jay Lane, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior.  But I also saw Stanley Hagler, Larry Vrba (only one, a Christmas pin) and some German designers that I’m starting to learn more about.  I walked out empty handed (have to watch the pocketbook after dropping cash on furnishing an apartment).  There was also lots of amazing art – Picassos, a Klimt or two and more!  My fiancé bought (an affordable) map of the Elbe River as it flows through Hamburg.  A little Hamburg gift for us!

And now, back to the jewelry: I’ve had the Monet (the department store jewelry brand, not the painter) cubic zirconia double tear drop necklace for a good 10 years.  Just for fun.  The initial necklace I’ve had for about that long as well.  Also faux.  But faux is fun and faux is fabulous!

Ann Taylor top; J. Crew sweater.


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