Day 100 (!!!): Césarée in Pöseldorf

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Day 100_church_Bei St Johannis


Day 100_church_Bei St Johannis_door


Day 100_church_Bei St Johannis_ironwork on door


Day 100_church_Bei St Johannis_Césarée earrings

I’m now on DAY 100 of this project, and in the middle of it, really.  But at the start of a new life, here in Hamburg.  I thought I would take this opportunity to combine the two, as a jewelry gypsy would!

So here we are in Pöseldorf, a neighborhood just northwest of downtown Hamburg, and the neighborhood  where my fiancé and I have just moved.  This church is the ‘local’ church.  Amazing.  You can see my obsession with intricate doors, too!

And no, I’m not wearing the jewelry.  My favorite photographer (my fiancé) has been out of town all week, and I frankly couldn’t think of a way to photograph myself by the church without my tripod – which is in my shipment of goods arriving (next week, hopefully!) from the U.S.

The clip-on earrings are part of the collection (!) of pieces that I bought in Paris last month on one of my jewelry shopping trips at Césarée, one of my favorite jewelry brands/shops in the world.  You saw a very similar pair in goldish-metal in one of my blog posts a few weeks ago.  Well, I liked the design so much and couldn’t choose, so I got the silver-y pair, too.


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