crafty project of the month: décopatch jewelry stands

I’ve taken a bit of a break from arts & crafts, but the other day, I decided that my beige paper-mâché jewelry stands were just too boring.  I had some Décopatch supplies from a project last year (I ‘made’ my boyfriend a Scottie dog for Christmas in lieu of giving him a real dog), so I pulled them out and got to work.

my supplies: Décopatch glue and a brush for applying it.

my small but bright Décopatch paper collection.

I accidentally erased the “before” picture of the jewelry stands, but here’s a mid-project shot.


pink, pink and pink!

yes, i own several large fabric necklaces, two with flowers along the side.

a mélange: there’s a lot going on here, but that’s my style.

I hope this has the wheels turning in your head ; )  Take some time this weekend to do something creative!

À bientôt,


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