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Hello, and welcome to One Stylish Life, my blog about jewelry, fashion, design, travel and for now, living in Paris!  I hope you enjoy it!




I’m Katherine, I’m in my 30s and am currently living in Paris.  I moved here almost two years ago to get my MBA, and before that I lived in New York City for nearly 10 years, working in media and fashion and starting my own jewelry business (more on that, below).  Prior to that, I went to college in Connecticut, but am originally from Minnesota.

I’m passionate about jewelry.  My passion for jewelry really began after college, when I moved to NYC and started traveling extensively on vacations.  So while working full-time, I traveled to Turkey, Morocco and India and began collecting and selling the amazing handcrafted jewelry that I found there.  I later started working with the artisans themselves, as well as through an international crafts organization.  (I’ve taken a break from the business, though, since I’ve been in school.   But I am planning on “relaunching” this fall.)  I’ve also dabbled in designing and making my own (less exotic) jewelry.

I’m obsessed with all things style – fashion, textiles, furniture, graphic design…I always have been, but I’ve become more of a student of it over the last few years.  And living abroad and traveling has provided a great deal of insight.  I look forward to sharing some of the remarkable things that I come across in my journeys!


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