Day 62: Istanbul ‘Ghost Earrings’ + Purple

{outside to start the day}   Gold vermeil and glass earrings bought in Istanbul.  Katherine Ainsworth gold-filled, sterling silver and brass bangles. Michael Stars top; J.Crew cardigan; jeans from Primark London; vintage woven belt from LifeStyled; watch from Target. -k.

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Signs of Summer (Soon to Disappear)

The lifeguard stand.  A classic symbol of summer (for Northerners, at least).  As it sat, empty, my mind raced ahead to what will be coming. To be honest, I’ve had some subversive thoughts lately: dreaming of (longing for) snow.  This makes me unfaithful to summer and to all of the people who aren’t ready for…

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A Little Gem: Being Good at Something

À la Martha Stewart’s “Good Things” and Neil Pasricha’s “1000 Awesome Things“, I’m starting my own little expression to reflect on splendid things, called little gems.  (Yes, the jewelry reference is intentional!) I’ve been especially cognizant of little gems lately, as I seem to be lacking too many.  As my friend Boops would say, “that’s not…

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