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Over the Moon for Sun, Moon & Stars: SF Fall Art & Antiques Show

{Pictured above: French Art Deco Sunburst Mirrors, 1930s} Ethereal beings have always had special meaning to me.  They represent something divine, something untouchable but magnificent and magical in this universe.  I’ve collected sun mirrors or ‘sunburst’ mirrors – round mirrors surrounded by gold-painted wood ‘rays’ – for severals.  They’re (somewhat) easily found in flea markets…

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Day 140: So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye..

Yes, I’m saying bye-bye to The Daily Bauble.  Why the goodbye?  After a year of (almost) daily blogging about a different unique piece of jewelry in my collection, it’s time to move on to another exciting jewelry project.  I’ll still be blogging about jewelry here – but on a weekly basis, and in greater depth. {I’m not…

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Day 126: Vintage Masters of Munich

Part One of my jewelry adventure in Munich. Tricia Leonard Retro-Vintage is why I’m here on Baaderstraße.  I saw the shop mentioned on SweetCherryMarmelade, and I’m eager to check it out! And here’s the lovely Tricia! Tricia is a vintage collector (handbags, jewelry, clothing, haberdashery…), as well as a jazz singer! Tricia is English, but…

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